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NIOS Admission

NIOS Admission 2023 for Class 10th, Class 12th, Stream 1 and Stream 2 Admission

Today we will talk about NIOS. This content is going to be very beneficial for the students who want to take admission in NIOS 2023. In this content, we will know what NIOS is, how to take admission in it, which students can take admission in NIOS, what is the last date of NIOS and many more.

Students who come to NIOS after studying from CBSE board, but due to lack of knowledge about NIOS, some children fail or their marks remain unworkable, so today we will tell you all the information very deeply, so that you can Be able to make the right decision for your further studies.

What is Nios Board ?

NIOS is considered to be the second largest board of India, NIOS board was formed in 1989 seeing that due to many reasons in India, students leave school or are not able to do their studies, then the education system of India NIOS board was established to maintain further, in which those students can easily complete their studies who cannot study due to poor condition of the house, those who cannot afford the expensive school fees of NIOS board With the help you can complete your education.

NIOS Board provides admission in class 10th and 12th. In this board, students can complete their further studies sitting at home.

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NIOS Admission Public Exams 2023, On Demand Examination, TOC, NIOS Class 10th Admission, NIOS Class 12th Admission

How to Get Admission to NIOS?

There are two types of admission in NIOS, the first one which is Criteria is called Public Examination and the second one is On Demand Examination.

Public Examination:

Students who have failed in CBSE board or other state boards or have come to the compartment. NIOS Public Examination is divided into two parts Stream 1 and Stream 2.

  • Those who take admission in Stream 1, their exams are conducted in April 2023.
  • Students who take admission in Stream 2, their exams are conducted in October to November 2023.

On Demand Examination:

On Demand Examination is such a system of NIOS under which your exams are conducted according to your demand. When you are fully prepared for your exams, then you can give your exams through an on demand examination System.

On Demand Examination facilities are only for those students who have failed in class 10th or 12th. On Demand has two streams, stream 3 students of class 10th can take admission while stream 4 students of class 12th can take admission. NIOS On Demand Examination Result is declared after 45 to 50 days of your exams.

If you have failed in 1 or more than 1 subject in class 10th or 12th then you can pass class 10th or 12th within 45 - 50 days. It is mandatory to take examinations of minimum 3 and maximum 4 subjects in an on demand system. TOC (Transfer of Credit) facility on demand is available only for those students who have not failed in all subjects in class 10th and 12th. Students can opt for TOC only in the subjects passed from previous board results. toc can be chosen when only one subject is mentioned in nios subject plan.

NIOS Admission Important Dates and Last Date of Public Exams 2023, NIOS 10th Admission, NIOS 12th Admission

Admission Last Date

Important Dates

NIOS Stream 1

16th March, 31st July (without Late Fee)
1st August, 15th August (with 250/- late Fee)
16th August, 31st August (with 500/- Late Fee)
1st September, 15th September (with 750/- Late Fee)

NIOS Stream 2

22nd December, 15th January (without Late Fee)
16th January, 31st January (with 250/- Late Fee)
1st February, 28 February (with 500/- Late Fee)
1st March, 15th March (with 750/- Late Fee)

NIOS Admission 2023 Eligibility, Required Documents NIOS Class 10th, NIOS Class 12th Admission

NIOS Eligibility Criteria for Class 10th, Class 12th Admission 2023

Eligibility Criteria For Class 10th

Eligibility Criteria For Class 12th

* Students who have passed or failed in 9th class can also take admission
in 10th class.

* Students who want to do class 12th from nios board must have passed
class 10th.

* Students who have not studied after 8th class and there is a gap of 1 year
or more than 1 year in between, they can also take admission in 10th class.

* Students who have Passed or failed in class 11th can also take admission
in class 12th.

* Students who have not studied after class 10th and there is a gap of
1 year or more than 1 year in between, they can also take admission in
class 12th.

NIOS Required Documents 2023, NIOS 10th Class Admission, NIOS 12th Class Admission

Documents For Class 10th

Documents For Class 12th

- Previous Class TC
- Adhar Card
- Photos
- Candidate’s Signature

- 10th Class Marksheet (Passed)
- 10th Class TC
- Adhar card
- Photos
- Candidate’s Signature

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